DJ Name: DJ Caut!on
Real Name: Edgar Unrau
Age: 22
Location: Winnipeg, Canada

Late at night alone in his basement, with only a few starter tips obtained by asking around at the club as guidance... such was the setting for Caut!on starting out his DJing career at the age of 18, learning the ins and outs of DJing from the ground-up to become the DJ he is today. Whatever he did in that basement he did it right because just from listening to him you would never guess that he's only been spinning records since 2003! Today at only 21, Caut!on's making a mark in Winnipeg's electronic music scene that's hard to miss. Since DJing his 1st party 'Turntablism 101' in 2004, he's had the privelege of DJing at numerous large events organized by the city's most highly respected promoters. Nothing in the world brings this guy more happiness than to spin for a packed room, but when it comes down to it- if given the choice, he'd rather spin for a room of 10 people that are totally into it and truly feeling the sound he's throwing down than a room of 500 people that couldn't care less.